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My Journal Is...Friends Only [Jan. 3rd, 2004|10:04 am]
[feeling |awakeawake]

Hello, and welcome to my LiveJournal which happens to be

If you want to be on my Friends list, all I ask is that you follow the simple rules listed below:

-<b>Try to comment occasionally</b>: I love to hear for people
-<b>Read my LiveJournal</b>: I mean come on, that's the point of adding me to your Friends List.
-<b>Be excepting of other people in your entries</b>: I will NOT read your shit about being rude to "different" people. I have some good friends who are of different races and sexuality.
-<b>Be able to read my "confused" entries</b>: There are times when I deeply ponder my love life, and sooo on, you should be able to put up with the fact that I'm a teenager
-<b>Be patient with my entries</b>: I try my best to write entries, but I mean, I do have a life, kinda, lol. I will update at least once a week (when I have school), but I usually update frequently.

If you can agree to follow these simple requests, please comment, simply stating you would like to be added, and I'll add you :)


PS: FO banner made by twistedangel617

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