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Summer Dreams

Make Me Feel Fine :)

19 November
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Who I Am
My name is Katie, it's not my official name, but that's what everyone calls me. I am Sweet 16, meaning I have my driver's license (woot woot). I do have a car, which is a 1996 Town & Country (not state-of-the-art, but hey, a car's a car). I am a junior in high school, and I am your average, B student. I am about 5'10" (tall in my definition). I have curly brown hair with natural hightlights (mainly some red, a couple streaks of blonde) and light brown eyes.

The Loves In My Life
There are two things that stay pretty dominant in my life, and those are sports and art. I have been playing sports for as long as I can remember. My dad has basically taught me everything about athletics, and I have tried basically every sport under the sun. Currently, I am a hurdler in my high school's winter and spring track team, which has really broaden my views on athletics. I always loved art. I was quite the doodler as a kid and loved drawing pictures in art class, and also writing stories. In middle school, I learned a new art; music, through the alto saxophone. I close to stick with music in high school, by joining the marching and concert band, and to broaden my skills through percussion, as well as continuing to play the alto saxophone. These two things have sculpted my view on life and I can say that these two things will stick with me for a very long time.

What I Like
Fashion: I must say that I am quite the shopaholic. I love clothes and the accessories that go with it, because I look at fashion as a way to express myself. If I had to describe my current style, it would be overall preppy. I like to look cute, but not slutty. But, I don't go over-board with shopping at stores with insane prices.
Animals: I adore animals. I remember as a kid loving all sorts of animals, and always desiring to have a dog. But, I do have my Netherland dwarf rabbit, Rosie, and she's so cute and full of personality and love.
Movies: I like movies, but I'm not obsessed with them. I usually like to see comedy, but I like most of the other genres, except horror. A few of my favorites are Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Life is Beautiful, Meet the Parents, and Billy Madison.
Music: I like most types of music, except country, and usually classical. I do love oldies (especially 80's music). I generally listen to that and rock, pop, and R&B music.
Television: I'm not really into TV now, but I love watching reruns of Friends, and I'll watch SNL, The Simpsons, and TLC shows if I have time to.

What I Dislike
There are some people out there that really, really bug me, such as people who are; clingy, annoying, spoiled brats, huge braggers, bitchy all the time, blabber mouths, racist, cruel to animals, and are extremely rude (especially on roads). There are also just general things that I simply dislike; bug bites, being sick, boredom, sunburns, extreme disorganization, having my period, and homework.

About My LiveJournal
My journal is FRIENDS ONLY. I mainly write about things that are going on in my life. I would prefer that people that personally know me don't read my journal, since there are some personal things in here that I don't want being spread around. Anyways, if you think I sound like a cool person, just comment asking me to add you, and most likely, you'll be added :)